Chris Gledhill Photography: Blog en-us (C) Chris Gledhill Photography (Chris Gledhill Photography) Wed, 01 Jun 2016 15:50:00 GMT Wed, 01 Jun 2016 15:50:00 GMT Chris Gledhill Photography: Blog 120 115 Horses of the Camargue I visited the Camargue area of Southern France over the weekend of 26-2 May. I attended a workshop run by Ocean Capture to photograph the horses of the Camargue. I took more than 5000 images of horses galloping towards me in various lagoons, lakes and on the beach. Running bulls too ! It was great fun but at the same time quite challenging to get images in sharp focus, particularly at slow shutter speeds. Add to this the excellent food in the country hotel we stayed in and it was a very enjoyable weekend. A few of the photos have now been posted to the website gallery under 'Wildlife and Nature'.



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Lake District Visited the Lake District with colleagues from Maidenhead Camera Club. We stayed at the Kings Head, six miles south of Keswick and just north of Thirlmere on the A591. An excellent central location. The weather was variable - we were in the Lake District after all - but we managed some early morning dawn shoots in-between the showers. The best shots were probably of Derwentwater from Castlehead Point and looking down St John's Vale towards Keswick.

Here's the morning view of Derwentwater from Castlehead Point:


And here is the view at sunrise of St John's vale looking out towards Keswick. Ben Catharda is the biggest hill on the left hand side.


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Welcome Welcome to the Blog section of my website where I will endeavour to post details of my travels from time to time.


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