14.Steroide auf die Masse(non-registered)
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8.Peter Evans(non-registered)
Hi Chris,

David pointed me here, and I'm pleased he did; there are lots of fabulous images (and I've looked at all of them!) My three favourites are 'Old Man in the Shadows', 'Indonesian tree frog' and 'Water lilly with reflection' (I'm trying to work out exactly where the latter was taken ;-)

Congratulations on your Licentiateship.

Best wishes

7.Colin Casarabonela(non-registered)
Very good young man, keep up the good work.
6.Laurraine Price, Maidenhead CC(non-registered)
Hi Chris - Great website. I think your wildlife shots are outstanding!
5.Masha Ershova(non-registered)
Congratulation on a new site, Chris - the photography is beautiful and the galleries are diverse and tell a lot about you. My particular favourites are the Yellowstone gallery and book - what an incredible place. And it's so lovely to see Ingrid's face again.
4.Bob Keene(non-registered)
Brilliant website and fabulous photos Chris ! Congratulations. Keep up the good work.
3.Vera Ferreira(non-registered)
Chris it was so rewarded see your photos after a 12 hours "on call". Congratulations your photos are beautiful and encoraging you can see on then a lot of feeling and knoweledge on it. Please add more photos for our enjoyiment.Xxx.
2.Nigel Trafford(non-registered)
Nice one Chris ,great range of pics, will visit again soon :))
1.David & Jill(non-registered)
What a great collection Chris! Some brilliant shots..
Any chance of adding more metadata.
I can see why you one the cup!
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